Lamont sets up McGreevy for the fall

ARA gets stomped and romped again. And, still doesn’t seem to get it. But Jonah McGreevy, who was the latest to get busted at Henry Schaad Day in York, Pennsylvania, while threatening to “shut down” the Nationalists rallying at City Hall, may be singing a different tune, now that he has been “shut down,” instead. McGreevy, 19, from Clarion, Pennsylvania, joined the growing list of communists and anarchists, calling themselves Anti-Racist Action, arrested, while Nationalists hold the high-ground assembling at seats of government.

Also present in York was Zach Morris, of Towson, Maryland, who had vowed to “shut down” Nationalists rallying in Morristown, New Jersey in 2001. The York Daily Record, however, reported that “Morris” was not likely his real name. Morris lamented that after ten of his cohorts had been jailed for rioting he had been unable to “shut down” the Fourth-of-July celebrations. He called the arrests of his mask-wearing, rock-throwing pals a “violation of the First Amendment.” All of his associates, however, indicted by a Morris County grand jury, pleaded guilty. Morris characterized the conduct prompting the latest arrest in York as “disparaging.”

Morris’ tactics would be dismissed as sophomoric if it were not a violation of federal law to cross state lines for the purpose of starting a riot. Hundreds of police nipped an assault on the York parade in the bud, when a helicopter spotted a handful of ARA-activists attempting to circumvent police-lines. Prior to the parade, a counter-demonstrator who identified himself to newsmen simply as “I am a Jew,” wrote to parade-organizers under the name “Jake O’Connor.” He was, actually, Jared Schultz, who had worn a mask during previous outings. “I’d like to meet up with you to march in the parade,” Schultz said. “My main concern is you closing the gates like you did in Morristown, NJ on July 4th 2001. I don’t want to get stuck standing with the Reds. Please, for my safety, can you help me?” He added, “We’ll be at the gates at 11. It will be me and two of my friends. I’ll be wearing a maroon flight-jacket and a green-knit cap.”

At eleven, Schultz showed up with Morris and a third unidentified cohort, the latter two wearing goatees. Rob Dorgan was immediately suspicious, saying, “I don’t like their looks.” Dorgan, however, volunteered to stand guard over them in the parade, which he did, and the trio marched toward the end, under heavy surveillance. As the parade ended, however, they asked to be allowed through security to stand near the speaker’s platform. Richard Barrett barred them, saying that they would have to go into the spectators’ area, where they were led by police. Two similar “volunteers,” Matthew Sheard and Joshua Laub, had infiltrated the set-up crew at Morristown and knocked over audio-equipment after gaining access to the platform, before being arrested. Both entered guilty pleas to riot-related charges.

No balls

As soon as the York rally began, the three took off their coats and displayed the letters “ARA” underneath, from the far-side of the spectators’ area, howling profanity and voicing

displeasure that they had been foiled. Dorgan, a hefty Skinheadz moderator, quipped that they had “no balls” because they were too scared to take off their coats during the parade, when they were next to him. “Yes, indeed, they would have gotten slapped like the Three Stooges,” he laughed, adding, “Looks like anybody can get a flight-jacket from someplace.” Schultz kept shouting, “Ha, ha, we are on your e-mail list.” “As if anyone cares,” rejoined rallier Robert Jackson. Afterward, the arrestee reported that ARA had been joined by the self-declared Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists, which hosts a newly-published webpage from Canada, replete with Marxist slogans, but which seems to have no actual existence.

Nationalists had asked Attorney-General John Ashcroft to investigate ARA-violations of the federal Anti-Riot Law of 1968, which Barrett had helped draft for the US Senate Judiciary Committee, then chaired by Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi. Ashcroft has initiated no criminal prosecutions, but there is a five-year statute of limitations during which civil-actions may be instituted. Negro Lamont Jenkins, who had been encouraging rioting against the Nationalists, seemed disappointed that not only had his plans for violence failed, but so had the strategy to attack rally speakers. According to Lamont’s website, “Originally, their plan was to join Barrett and try to introduce him, setting him up for the fall that way.” But, alas, their “only option” “was to join the crowd in the protest-area,” after their ruse was uncovered and Schultz was unmasked.

Lamont, who had been sought by police in connection with New Jersey rioting and who resides in New Jersey, stayed away from Pennsylvania, likely fearing arrest, if not for actual rioting, then for conspiracy. Lamont seems to work more through “operatives,” these days, who, such as McGreevy, take the fall for him. Lamont brags that he began his “project” three years ago to “shut Nationalists down;” however, he has failed to shut a single Nationalist event down and only his own cohorts have been “shut down.” Lamont’s latest ‘Net scam consists of a bogus photograph of Barrett, crudely digitally-superimposed next to Matt Hale, surrounded by a heart, which Lamont terms “suicidal coupling.” Lamont fails to mention that the two have never even met. Perhaps, Lamont should post his heart-shaped caricature containing the likenesses of Schultz and William Basham, the self-described homosexual, who was spotted standing beside Schultz in the York protest-area.

Hey, Barrett, Guess Who Marched With You

January 21, 2003

One People’s Organization

Nationalist Movement rally gets infiltrated for the second time

YORK, PA – The town’s third white supremacist rally in just over a year took place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but this might have ranked not only as its most poorly attended, but also as its most hilarious. That is because it was racist pariah Dick Barrett and his Nationalist Movement sponsoring the spectacle on the steps of City Hall. Only eight joined with Barrett this day, compared to the 50-60 that came out to oppose him, but just like his last event in Morristown, NJ on July 4, 2001, he was humiliated by three of that number actually being infiltrators from Anti-Racist Action. Barricades and police officers from various local and federal municipalities were in position by the time Barrett came in his white pickup truck to City Hall at 10 AM. Counter-demonstrators from Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, as well as York, also arrived at this time, braving the cold to call Barrett out on his racism. After Barrett and his group set up his sound system, they marched around the block, where the three infiltrators joined him.

“We met up with Barrett before the rally started at 11:00, and he said wait over on the other side and when the parade passes around we’ll pick you up,” Zach Morris, one of the ARA infiltrators explained. “So the parade passes by us, we point to the street, he waves us on, so we’re marching in the parade, all the way around!” According to Morris, when they returned to the steps, just before they go back to the steps, Nationalist Movement member Rob Dorgan told them they could not join them there because two of them had facial hair, which was against Barrett’s rules, and they were given a police escort to the observer’s area just in front of the steps. While in the area, which at this point had a number of other ARA members inside, Dorgan walked over to them and handed the three a petition to sign. “He’s still speaking, we backed up, and we’re pretend like we’re signing it…and as soon as Barrett starts speaking, we take off our jackets, say ‘Hey Barrett, ARA just marched in your parade,’ ripped up his petition, and he went nuts!” Morris continued. “For like fifteen minutes he was very confused, he’s (a) very bewildered old man, and he doesn’t realize how we got him!” Morris said that Barrett attempted to get a police officer to arrest them for the stunt. Not only were they not arrested, according to fellow infiltrator Jared Schultz, one officer even praised them for it. “He gave us the thumbs-up and when we went over to talk to him he said, ‘I have to give you credit, that was pretty slick,'” he said. The infiltration delayed the rally for Barrett by approximately 20 minutes.

The irony is that both Morris and Schultz, who are also both Jewish, have been mentioned by name on the Nationalist Movement website. Both were participants of both One People’s Rallies in Morristown. A picture of a person misidentified as Schultz has been on the website for three years, and Morris is quoted from an article on the second Morristown rally published by One People’s Project. When approaching the Nationalist Movement, he even gave them the name “Zach Morris.” At the second One People’s Rally, Barrett was infiltrated by two individuals who destroyed his sound system. This year, Barrett had set a rule that no one was allowed near the system except certain persons. ARA was one of two groups that came to protest Barrett. The other was the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists, a bi-lingual (French and English) organization opposing all forms of oppression and exploitation, and struggle for a classless, stateless, non-hierarchical society. Both groups consider Barrett irrelevant and a joke, but felt that they needed to build a stronger connection with the local community, especially considering how neo-nazi groups continue to find York attractive.

Once arriving in York, police on foot and on horseback followed anyone that seemed associated with either organization. This resulted in the only arrest that day after one of them called a police officer an “a—–“. After being ticked for, according to the comrades of the young man, what the police termed “having a potty mouth”, he was released. Besides the infiltrators, Barrett was joined by Dorgan a firefighter from Charleston, SC, hack author Gerald McManus, who was a part of the second One People’s Rally and despite Barrett’s objections taunted the crowd much like he did two years ago, Robert Jackson of Philadelphia, and two local residents, A woman originally standing with the counterprotestors who called herself Tori Lee, and Michael Cook of Wrightsville. Cook was the one who invited Matt Hale and his World Church of the Creator to York last year, sparking one of the most explosive clashes between racists and anti-racists in recent memory. On the Nationalist Movement website, Barrett brags about giving law enforcement information about Hale, who is currently incarcerated facing charges of plotting to kill a federal judge. It is unclear at this time if Cook has broken away from the WCOTC, whom Barrett has infuriated.

Cook was seen holding a sign Barrett provided that said Free Greg Neff. Neff, along with Robert Messersmith, was convicted last year of murder in the death of Lillie Belle Allen, a black preacher’s daughter, during race riots that flared up in Newark in 1969. The former mayor of York, Charlie Robertson, was also indicted for having a role in the killing but was acquitted. Messersmith was sentenced to up to 19 years and Neff received up to 10 years in prison. Barrett was there to honor Henry Schaad, a police officer that was killed in those riots, and considered Neff a hero. Neff’s attorney Harry Ness says his client does not require support from Barrett or any like-minded individuals. The Schaad family echoed that sentiment regarding the “honor.” There were also two persons that were later identified as local neo-Nazis who did not join Barrett, but took pictures of the scene and of the crowd. It is believed they worked at a local tattoo parlor, and once it was realized that they may be racists, they departed.

Nationalist Movement and WCOTC Together? Okay, what is wrong with that statement? For starters, since when has the WCOTC and Richard Barrett on the same side? Are Creator’s getting that desperate that they would advertise Barrett’s January 20th rally’s in York PA and encourage members to participate? In the January 17, 2003 Creativity newsletter editor John King says, “if you live anywhere near York, PA come out and support our friends at the Nationalist Movement”. Friends? Man someone has not done their homework. Why in the world would you want to be helping someone who has vowed to take down your leader because he deems Hale is not good for the movement? Lets not forget that he opposed Hale receiving a law license in Illinois and Wyoming. I wonder what Mr. Hale thinks of this. His own “church” members siding with a man who at one time made comments describing Barrett as “delusional” and “psycho”, he must be fit to be tied! Correction, not tied, handcuffed! Bet he is wishing now that he never made those comments and acted the way he did in regards to the Trademark lawsuit.

ARA/NEFAC Public Statement

Our first point of unity states that “we never let the fascists have the streets” – this was the case today when 3 members of Anti-Racist Action infiltrated Dick Barrett’s feeble 5-person Nationalist Movement parade and rally in York, PA. Two members of NJ ARA and one member of Columbus ARA fooled Barrett into believing they were interested in joining the Nationalist Movement. After a year and a half long intelligence operation against Barrett and his Nationalist Movement, in which an ARA member posed as an unaffiliated white nationalist and communicated interest in joining Barrett’s group, this “nationalist” was invited to meet with Barrett at his rally in York. This setup was very similar to one that happened in Morristown, NJ. On July 4th, 2001, Barrett returned to NJ for a second year in a row in support of racial profiling and against affirmative action. Two members of the Progressive Labor Party had arrived early to the demonstration site, and while posing as white nationalists, volunteered to help Barrett unload his pick-up truck and set-up the rally. After Barrett’s single-man march, these two PLP members knocked over Barrett’s speaker system and destroyed the Cross Star display that was set-up.

Barrett instructed the “recruits” to arrive at the barricades at 11 AM, and get the attention of one of the parade marshals. When they arrived, they were given the run around by the police until they were finally escorted to Barrett’s side of the barricades. It was here that Barrett and Rob Dorgan, came over to check them out. They decided not to let them on the city hall steps or anywhere near the equipment, but were very appreciative of their “support” and offered to let them march in their parade. They met up with the 5 Nationalists and joined the parade. They marched all around the block, getting in every picture the media took. When they returned to City Hall, Rob told them they would rather not have them on the steps, but would prefer that they be in the audience. Originally, their plan was to join Barrett and try to introduce him, setting him up for the fall that way. Their only option, according to Barrett and the police, was to join the crowd in the “protest-area,” which was not that large yet.

Barrett waited until they were in the crowd to begin. He began with plea for people to sign a petition calling for a Henry Schaad Day. Barrett said that there were people in the crowd who would want to sign it, pointing to them. He sent Gerald McManus to the barricades to give them the petition to sign. They took the petition and backed up further in the protest area, behind the barricades, stealing the petition from the Nationalists. As Barrett continued to speak one of them said, “Hey Barrett, guess who marched in your parade? ARA!” With that, they took off their jackets to reveal ARA sweatshirts and ripped up his petition. They also broke into two chants: “This is our community, fascists out, fascists out” and “We are everywhere, we have just begun.” They spent the next 20 minutes heckling him as he was trying to figure out what the f— just happened. The rest of the crowd joined them and we spent the rest of the day heckling him, talking to the media, and talking to the police about why they were protecting fascists, leaving the Nationalists to figure out how they were set-up — AGAIN!

There was one arrest on the counter-demonstrator side today. An anti-fascist from Philly NEFAC had walked to a nearby restaurant to use the bathroom, when the cops tried to corner them against a wall with their horses. The anti-fa proceeded to call the cop an a—– for his behavior. He then walked away, but the cop followed him, asking him questions and putting his horse in the way again. When the anti-fa asked him to move his horse, the cop said “OK, that’s enough” and grabbed him and arrested him. The Philly NEFAC member was charged with Disorderly Conduct (we think, can someone fill in the details here?) and was let go on his own recognizance with a summons which can be handled through the mail. Another interesting event … The cop who the 3 anti-fas spoke with to get through the police lines to join Barrett came up to them later and gave them the thumbs up, laughed and said “that was slick, I have to give you guys credit.” Lastly, when talking to the media, one reporter had the book that McManus wrote, which she gave to one of the anti-fascist counter protestors. McManus had said earlier that he was charging $12.00 for the book. He also said it was on sale at Barnes and Noble. He was not happy to hear that Barnes and Noble is owned by Jews (we actually have no clue who it is owned by but it was d—- funny).