Jordan Matthew Feder – Allison’s Poem

This Poem is to my Jordie and though I know I shouldn’t make it long
I have a lot to tell you about a Personality that was so strong.
Jordan had a way of being excited about everything he did and everything he spoke.
And more than anyone I know he really loved a cheesy joke.
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The Casino Story – by Jordan’s cousin Todd

When I first heard of Jordan’s passing, like all of you, I was extremely upset. I tried to make sense of the situation. Why someone so young, so passionate, and so selfless? I was fortunate enough to spend a week in the Bahamas with Jordan this past summer. It was there that we bonded and were given the opportunity to get to know each other like never before. It was there that Jordan introduced me to the game of “craps.” I learned the “Jordan method” of gambling and spent hours upon days laughing, winning and indefinitely losing with my cousin. Continue reading “The Casino Story – by Jordan’s cousin Todd”

Rothstein’s Eulogy

Aaron is the brother of Moses. He is also the high priest of Israel. He is a man of power, fame, and significance. But, he is also a parent. One day out of nowhere, and under rather mysterious circumstances, his two sons are killed, taken from Aaron without warning. How does Aaron react? The Torah describes it this way, “And Aaron was silent.” That’s all he could muster. Sometimes there are simply no words that can make something right. Sometimes there is no level of eloquence that can right that which is wrong. “And Aaron was silent.” I kind of feel like that this morning. Part of me is saying to myself, I ought to just be silent, however, we are here not only to mourn but also to celebrate Jordan’s life. And because we are here to acknowledge that this was a young man who in an astonishingly short amount of time touched a lot of souls. Perhaps there in the silence of being together, we can draw strength and comfort and faith from each other. So I thought about that idea of silence, and then I said to myself ‘that’s a terrible idea.’ After all, did any of you know Jordan to be silent about anything? No. The correct way to celebrate Jordan’s life is with words and actions because that’s who Jordan was. Continue reading “Rothstein’s Eulogy”