a guestbook entry

Sept 28, 2004

Hey, just wanted to say what’s up. I am kind of lost in terms of my direction in life. Like you, I tried the SEIU Wave program. Got placed in Ohio. It was actually a very short time after you left, and some of the people out there knew you. It was comforting to hear others stories of you, even if they only knew you for a brief bit. I remember calling you from the OI. It felt great to share that experience with someone who had been there before, the same as you did to me when you called me from your OI to tell me how it was going.

So ya, I kind of feel cheated. You were so great to so many people, I thought I was special or something. I thought that perhaps I was getting special attention, when in all reality I was getting the same as everyone else. I think you had that ability, to make everyone feel included, even if everyone meant 1,000 people.

So I felt like talking to you cause you always had positive things to say. You could always turn my pessimism into optimism. You had a way of looking at things in a positive light, no matter how negative they were. I don’t know if you understand how much I appreciated that.

I want to also say thanks for being with me on the streets in Miami. I was really scared many times but with you by my side I felt comfort. For some reason I knew everything would be all right so long as you were there, it just always happened that way. Also, thanks for helping out in organizing things and taking care of the other van. Sometimes I wonder if I had been the van to stay behind, perhaps you would still be here to talk to.

It came down to rocks, paper, and scissors.

Who says winning is everything.

Just wanted to drop you a line, let you know I was thinking about you, as I do quite often. At least I have your Thundercats hat to keep me warm in the winter, and your helmet to protect my head while riding my bike. Protection, that’s what you are best at. Hope things are going well for you. I am sure we will talk again.

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