Lamont sets up McGreevy for the fall

ARA gets stomped and romped again. And, still doesn’t seem to get it. But Jonah McGreevy, who was the latest to get busted at Henry Schaad Day in York, Pennsylvania, while threatening to “shut down” the Nationalists rallying at City Hall, may be singing a different tune, now that he has been “shut down,” instead. McGreevy, 19, from Clarion, Pennsylvania, joined the growing list of communists and anarchists, calling themselves Anti-Racist Action, arrested, while Nationalists hold the high-ground assembling at seats of government.

Also present in York was Zach Morris, of Towson, Maryland, who had vowed to “shut down” Nationalists rallying in Morristown, New Jersey in 2001. The York Daily Record, however, reported that “Morris” was not likely his real name. Morris lamented that after ten of his cohorts had been jailed for rioting he had been unable to “shut down” the Fourth-of-July celebrations. He called the arrests of his mask-wearing, rock-throwing pals a “violation of the First Amendment.” All of his associates, however, indicted by a Morris County grand jury, pleaded guilty. Morris characterized the conduct prompting the latest arrest in York as “disparaging.”

Morris’ tactics would be dismissed as sophomoric if it were not a violation of federal law to cross state lines for the purpose of starting a riot. Hundreds of police nipped an assault on the York parade in the bud, when a helicopter spotted a handful of ARA-activists attempting to circumvent police-lines. Prior to the parade, a counter-demonstrator who identified himself to newsmen simply as “I am a Jew,” wrote to parade-organizers under the name “Jake O’Connor.” He was, actually, Jared Schultz, who had worn a mask during previous outings. “I’d like to meet up with you to march in the parade,” Schultz said. “My main concern is you closing the gates like you did in Morristown, NJ on July 4th 2001. I don’t want to get stuck standing with the Reds. Please, for my safety, can you help me?” He added, “We’ll be at the gates at 11. It will be me and two of my friends. I’ll be wearing a maroon flight-jacket and a green-knit cap.”

At eleven, Schultz showed up with Morris and a third unidentified cohort, the latter two wearing goatees. Rob Dorgan was immediately suspicious, saying, “I don’t like their looks.” Dorgan, however, volunteered to stand guard over them in the parade, which he did, and the trio marched toward the end, under heavy surveillance. As the parade ended, however, they asked to be allowed through security to stand near the speaker’s platform. Richard Barrett barred them, saying that they would have to go into the spectators’ area, where they were led by police. Two similar “volunteers,” Matthew Sheard and Joshua Laub, had infiltrated the set-up crew at Morristown and knocked over audio-equipment after gaining access to the platform, before being arrested. Both entered guilty pleas to riot-related charges.

No balls

As soon as the York rally began, the three took off their coats and displayed the letters “ARA” underneath, from the far-side of the spectators’ area, howling profanity and voicing

displeasure that they had been foiled. Dorgan, a hefty Skinheadz moderator, quipped that they had “no balls” because they were too scared to take off their coats during the parade, when they were next to him. “Yes, indeed, they would have gotten slapped like the Three Stooges,” he laughed, adding, “Looks like anybody can get a flight-jacket from someplace.” Schultz kept shouting, “Ha, ha, we are on your e-mail list.” “As if anyone cares,” rejoined rallier Robert Jackson. Afterward, the arrestee reported that ARA had been joined by the self-declared Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists, which hosts a newly-published webpage from Canada, replete with Marxist slogans, but which seems to have no actual existence.

Nationalists had asked Attorney-General John Ashcroft to investigate ARA-violations of the federal Anti-Riot Law of 1968, which Barrett had helped draft for the US Senate Judiciary Committee, then chaired by Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi. Ashcroft has initiated no criminal prosecutions, but there is a five-year statute of limitations during which civil-actions may be instituted. Negro Lamont Jenkins, who had been encouraging rioting against the Nationalists, seemed disappointed that not only had his plans for violence failed, but so had the strategy to attack rally speakers. According to Lamont’s website, “Originally, their plan was to join Barrett and try to introduce him, setting him up for the fall that way.” But, alas, their “only option” “was to join the crowd in the protest-area,” after their ruse was uncovered and Schultz was unmasked.

Lamont, who had been sought by police in connection with New Jersey rioting and who resides in New Jersey, stayed away from Pennsylvania, likely fearing arrest, if not for actual rioting, then for conspiracy. Lamont seems to work more through “operatives,” these days, who, such as McGreevy, take the fall for him. Lamont brags that he began his “project” three years ago to “shut Nationalists down;” however, he has failed to shut a single Nationalist event down and only his own cohorts have been “shut down.” Lamont’s latest ‘Net scam consists of a bogus photograph of Barrett, crudely digitally-superimposed next to Matt Hale, surrounded by a heart, which Lamont terms “suicidal coupling.” Lamont fails to mention that the two have never even met. Perhaps, Lamont should post his heart-shaped caricature containing the likenesses of Schultz and William Basham, the self-described homosexual, who was spotted standing beside Schultz in the York protest-area.

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