Letter from Troy

From: “Troy Crews” <troy_crews@hotmail.com>

To: shakashiri@aol.com

Subject: In remembrance of Jordan

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004


My name is Troy, and I was Jordan’s suitemate in college. I just heard about his passing this past weekend, right in the middle of installing a wireless cable modem router in my future in-laws’ house.

I hung up the phone after getting the news. Then I cried.

My first thought was of the day Jordan went with me and a few more friends to Six Flags America here in Maryland. We went on coasters all day, bought pirate hats, and chatted with the characters walking around the park. He’d talk to Yosemite Sam or Bugs Bunny (like chatting with a parallel self, I suppose you could say). I’ll never forget the story of him getting in a fight with a fellow Six Flags worker in Jersey because he was sticking up for his friend. The best part was that the fighters were still wearing their characters’ costumes.

After checking out jordanfeder.com, I realized that most people focused on Jordan’s achievements when remembering him. What I’ll remember best was that he was a tremendous friend. He was a freshman (in 1998) when I was a senior, and yet he seemed the make the most sense out of all of us when viewing the world. I took great inspiration from that, and I’ve never forgotten that lesson.

I remember that he was so stoked about Star Wars Episode I coming out in theaters, and he made friends with the guy that was 6th in line for tickets. He wound up scoring tickets for about 10 of us, and we didn’t even have to break the exam-studying routine to go. We went to Target and bought out their supply of Star Wars action figures in case they’d be worth something someday (still hasn’t happened).

I remember him giving me the Rent soundtrack as a graduation present how many college freshmen think to give a departing senior a graduation present???). He said he was really inspired by the director’s message that we should all live life as if every day is our last. Just like the ironic passing of the director after the premiere of the show, Jordan’s passing was far too soon.

I always meant to catch up with him. I’m so sorry I didn’t.

Please give my best to your family. I wish you all the very best, and you’re lucky you got to witness Jordan at the peak of his game. When I was around him, he was still climbing that first monstrous hill.

Love and best wishes,


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