Neo-Nazi Groups Demonstrate at German Embassy; met with opposition, crowbar

By Zach Morris aka Jordan Feder, Anti-Racist Action, Towson

On Sunday July 29, 2001 the World Church of the Creator and National Alliance teamed up to “protest for free speech in Germany” at the German Embassy in Washington DC. About 100 people joined together to provide a counter to the nazi lies and fake rally.

The day started with a march from a nearby park. The front of the unity march met up with the end of the racist march, both on their way to the embassy. Billy Roper who is deputy membership coordinator and public relations contact for the National Alliance argued back and forth for a minute or two with the some protesters. A fight ensued with about 10 anti-racists and Billy Roper. Billy was cut above his right eye. The fight was broken-up and everyone went on to the rally. None of the nazis jumped in to pull Billy out of the melee that he started. Some people say that violence is not the answer, personally I agree. However, if there were no nazis there would be no need for violence.

The day went on with the nazis being shouted down and drowned out the entire time. On hand was many different people from different backgrounds to expose the nazis for who they are. The nazis were not there to protest for free speech, they where there to be nazis and hate everyone that is not them, as most of their day was spent standing around and looking dumb, not really chanting for the release of Hendrik Moebus or free speech for nazis in Germany.

About an hour into the event Billy Roper pointed out two people that were involved in the fight to be arrested. Ironically, the two people that were arrested were not even in the fight. They were two minorities who were being very vocal towards the nazis and were not wearing masks. I guess Billy did not like that.

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