Punk rock song for Jordan

I grew up with Jordan and we were in and out of each others lives, taking
very different paths but often winding up in the same places. I wrote
this song with him in my heart, and I’d like to share it with you.


Russell Golden

Cold Hearts

Sometimes you gotta do what’s right by you, and
sometimes I understand there’s more important
things out there than me, than you, than everyone
and you can’t help but fight for them

Sometimes the world can be a hateful place, and
it took you down; you were so young, it’s just not fair
What about what I wanted: for me, for you, for everyone?
You broke our hearts and left us here!

This is for them: hopelessly hero we don’t understand
even if we never see the world make their amends, oh well,
this one’s for them

And I wish I could say the world is now a better place,
and I wish I could say that you made a difference,
but people are dying and children are crying to keep the
flags flying and where are you now?

And I’ll say it now: I would’nt have had it any other way but,
sometimes I miss you so bad I just wanna be dead
If you had another chance, you’d throw it all away
for this merciless world with cold hearts, cold hearts

We can’t be afraid to step out of line!
So what what others think, what others think is what got us here!
I know it feels like we’re gunna stand up to get beat back down but,
sometimes you gotta do what’s right by you!

Jordan Feder, say no more!
from BIG Attack! (self​-​titled debut), released 27 November 2006

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