The Casino Story – by Jordan’s cousin Todd

When I first heard of Jordan’s passing, like all of you, I was extremely upset. I tried to make sense of the situation. Why someone so young, so passionate, and so selfless? I was fortunate enough to spend a week in the Bahamas with Jordan this past summer. It was there that we bonded and were given the opportunity to get to know each other like never before. It was there that Jordan introduced me to the game of “craps.” I learned the “Jordan method” of gambling and spent hours upon days laughing, winning and indefinitely losing with my cousin.

I remember Jordan’s superstitions when it came to throwing those dice. He would say to his brother, “…don’t touch me, just step back, I’m on a roll.” And, as his older brother, it was his obligation TO touch him, and Jordan would proceed to ‘crap out.’ It was all in good fun.

Let me now share with you a short story that occurred on the day of Jordan’s passing. I was in Phoenix when I was told of the situation. I wanted to do something to remember Jordan that I knew he would enjoy, so I went to the nearest casino with my family, but sadly, there were no crap tables to be found. The place was packed and there was not even a slot machine to sit down at. I finally came across a vacant 25 cent machine and sat down. I might also add that five minutes prior, my uncle, who has never gambled in his life, took one crack at video poker and won $1000.00. Everyone then said, “That’s it, let’s go, our luck is done.”

But then there was me, angry and upset that I had not yet done what I came to do; remembering Jordan with something he and I shared. So I stayed at the slot machine with my $20.00, and slammed the button with my fist time after time. But that was about it, because after only three spins, I hit a $2100.00 jackpot! This was NOT a coincidence. I knew it was Jordan because I never win at gambling, and my family had never been this lucky. I truly believe that Jordan was there watching out for us. I think it was his way of saying “hey man, I’m here, and it’s okay. Everything’s cool.”

The point is that although Jordan’s gone, we all have extremely warm, loving and humorous memories of him. And as long as we have these times to look back on, and embrace with a smile, Jordan’s going to be with us, and most certainly making wisecracks forever.

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