Abe’s remarks on Passover 2004


Yo, Jordan –

Happy Passover! It felt really weird being here without you;

weirder than its felt the other times I’ve been here since November.

Your parents forgot to leave out a cup for Elijah, and I forgot to say

something about leaving out a cup of root beer for you (clever, eh? eh?)

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately – you even made your way

into one of my dreams. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a sex dream. But you’ve

been on my mind a lot.

We’re probably going to get tattoos soon, featuring some of your artwork.

We talked about getting them on our asses, but we weren’t sure whether

you’d be insulted or amused – my bet was on the latter, though.

I think about you every time we’re about to go on an action, because

to this day you’re one of the people’s favorite folks to work with on

the street. I can only hope to become somebody as (…insert adjective…)

as you. You continue to be an inspiration.

Thanks for everything!

In Solidarity,

Dragonfly (Abe)

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