Chris Libertini’s remarks

Jordan…all the things I never got to say…
Chris Libertini

ok, so
all the things I never got to say…
I really thought that your whole outlook on life was unique. A person that saw things differently. Even in high school, @ work, and just in plain “chillin”, I saw you look @ a situation and come up with some off-the-wall suggestion or comment. You were instrumental in my life in that you showed me things I never would have seen. Took the “blinders” off.

I see your family now. I see your brother. I see how much we all love you, and miss you. You were such a special person. A special friend. Accepting people, accepting me.
I’ll never for one moment forget those words on the other end of the phone….”Jordan passed away…..”
I asked if this was a joke, you were not supposed to die. I was supposed to die WAAAY before you. You were supposed to have grandkids, a wife, be old and stoggy (well u kinda were)….
I love you brother.
I will go to the warped tour this year and be there with you, again.
C’mon Jordan, lets go in the pit and start a toilet bowl… or maybe even try and get back stage…
I love you bro…
Save me a spot @ the table up there
CL out

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