1. Sept 28, 2004

    Hey, just wanted to say what’s up. I am kind of lost in terms of my direction in life. Like you, I tried the SEIU Wave program. Got placed in Ohio. It was actually a very short time after you left, and some of the people out there knew you. It was comforting to hear others stories of you, even if they only knew you for a brief bit. I remember calling you from the OI. It felt great to share that experience with someone who had been there before, the same as you did to me when you called me from your OI to tell me how it was going.

    So ya, I kind of feel cheated. You were so great to so many people, I thought I was special or something. I thought that perhaps I was getting special attention, when in all reality I was getting the same as everyone else. I think you had that ability, to make everyone feel included, even if everyone meant 1,000 people.

    So I felt like talking to you cause you always had positive things to say. You could always turn my pessimism into optimism. You had a way of looking at things in a positive light, no matter how negative they were. I don\’t know if you understand how much I appreciated that.

    I want to also say thanks for being with me on the streets in Miami. I was really scared many times but with you by my side I felt comfort. For some reason I knew everything would be all right so long as you were there, it just always happened that way. Also, thanks for helping out in organizing things and taking care of the other van. Sometimes I wonder if I had been the van to stay behind, perhaps you would still be here to talk to.

    It came down to rocks, paper, and scissors.

    Who says winning is everything.

    Just wanted to drop you a line, let you know I was thinking about you, as I do quite often. At least I have your Thundercats hat to keep me warm in the winter, and your helmet to protect my head while riding my bike. Protection, that’s what you are best at. Hope things are going well for you. I am sure we will talk again.

  2. October 2004 – Holloween

    It\’s October and everybody at Six Flags misses you Jordie. Some people from Dr. Frights show were asking about you… they said you\’re the coolest. They said no one else really talked to them, but you always made it a point to ride your frightfest bike over to say \”s\’up\”. Sean saw your grey jumpsuit… My boss wants me to ghoul with her one night… I\’d like to wear it for you if that\’s ok. Jenz the ghoul with the violin remembers you… he\’s a nice guy no wonder you chatted it up with him 🙂 I stayed after the first night of FrightFest to check out the shows… You were everywhere Jordi. I saw you at front gate in charge of that section when Nikki wasn\’t there…and I saw you sparking your shovel even during a conversation. I saw you peddling into the catering area to see me when you had a spare minute… you were at the fountain and the statues… I saw you in the parking lot in your van waiting for everyone to finish taking their makeup off. You were talking on the phone to your mom. I\’m glad you\’d let me talk to her too… I don\’t know why you liked to see us talk so much, but I know you did. Oh weird I just figured it out… you like connecting people don\’t you. That makes sense now… you always tell people about what \’so and so\’ did that was great or radical… it left us all with a sense of knowing others that we hardly knew. James Van Pragg said \”we come into this world as strangers, let\’s all leave as friends\” that\’s easier to do because of you. I saw Doug he commented on my warped tour sweatshirt he didn\’t have to say anything but I know he thinks of you. I don\’t usually talk to John Dehaul because he\’s pretty quiet and keeps to himself but you always mentioned him so I talked to him about how cute camels were for you. Sean had to wear black pants under his costume I tried to convince him he should get long johns like those hideous ones you have… you look so funny in those things. I talked to Libertini today he misses you alot right now… I guess cause this is your come home time… you may have been out and about during the year, but you always come home for Fright Fest. I talked to Christina, Jordie I know you know she misses you… the IMs meant alot if you didn\’t realize. I talked to you Jordie at the Sunoco on Rt. 33 cause that\’s where our 2am phone conversations usually started… I talked to you at the fountain on my beach because that\’s where I talk to God and I figure he\’s got the best three-way connection plan. I\’ll do my best to talk to everyone for you Jordie so that the chain links you created through our souls don\’t weaken. It\’s October Jordie and Six Flags misses you… (XOXO see you on the island love wee-eye-sun.)

  3. July 10, 2004

    Jordan, it\’s always so hard for me to talk about you with anyone. but everyone once in a while something reminds me of you and I smile. You were a great person and an older brother to me. I can only aspire to be anything like you and that would never be good enough. I\’ll be seeing you again someday, and I\’ll bring you all the new against me cd\’s and we\’ll listen to them while drinking large cans of Arizona iced tea and eating falafel. I miss you… my friend

  4. October 2008

    azstate29 (9 months ago)

    I came looking for this hidden piano track because I can\’t find my Pennywise CD right now. It has always reminded me of a \”girl that got away\” a really \”important\” girl from my high school years when I was young and impressionable and everything I did that I enjoyed, I remember to this day… but now it will also remind me of your boy Jordan. He sounds like a great person. May he continue to rest in peace.

  5. Oct 2008


    pennywise, and i loved your video.. Jordan sounds like a wonderful person, r.i.p.

  6. Warpiper
    I remember this one time we were sitting in our house in New Brunswick, NJ, and I opened the door to find that neo-nazis had tagged our house. We called Jordan who was at his house about 20 minutes away. He simply said, \”I\’ll be right there,\” and hung up. It couldn\’t have been more than 14 or 15 minutes before he pulled up, apparently running several red lights (safely, of course) along the way to get there as fast as possible. It\’s things like these that I will always remember about him.

    I was there when he was in Miami, and I stayed with him when he was in the hospital in North Carolina, and every once in a while, I feel deep regret that I didn\’t know what his symptoms meant at the time. I dropped out of Rutgers University shortly after he died, went to nursing school, and just started my new job as a nurse. I attribute a lot of this to Jordan, who helped me to realize that I needed to spend my short time in this world helping people.

  7. November 2009

    Justine Talarico: oh Michele-that was a wonderful video tribute to Jordan… I learned things about him I didn’t know-and really loved the whole video

    Rosemary Concepcion: Michele that was very nice to watch. He seems like a very all-round kind of guy

    Susan Strumwasser: What can I say that you have not heard already. I know how much you miss him. You know how much we care.

    Cara Knight: That was an amazing tribute – got chills!!!

    Todd Parker: love my cuz! miss him… and def not forgotten!!!

    Ginger Weiser: Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute. May you find some comfort in knowing how many share your loss and how many loved your beautiful boy.

    Nelly Natal: Wow!!!Michele he seemed like such a great person!! I am sorry that I never got the pleasure to meet him!! I know you are soooooooo proud of him!!! This really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Patrick Desmarty: I have known a wonderful kid and a generous man; his name is Jordan and he his still living in our hearts.
    God bless him.

    Joan Parker: I actually look forward to this holiday as a way of sharing my love with Jordan, and continually thinking of him. Even tho he was a vegetarian, he would have loved my turkey with all the trimmings. He will be with us, as always. A bright light in a dark storm.

    Kana Neibert: Michele, thanks for putting this video tribute up today. I think I told you how much I have been thinking about Jordan recently. I came home last night after celebrating the birthday of a dear friend and I wanted so badly to share a funny story I had heard with Jordan.

    Jana (Parker) Petersen: I only wish I had known my cousin better.

  8. To Alan and Michele:
    What a heartfelt and affectionate tribute to your beloved son, Jordan. We did not know him well, but reading the kind and loving words others have written about him exemplifies what kind of young man he was. One wonders why G-d would end his life too soon. Surely, He must have bigger plans for such a special person. The loss of a son is unbearable; the love you have for him is immeasurable. May he rest in peace and never be forgotten. May you continue to be strong and guided by his memory.

  9. Michele and Alan, tomorrow is an anniversary that no parent should ever have. I know how difficult this week is for both of you. I also know how very much you adored Jordan. I know that he\’s always with you. I do believe in angels, and I know that Jordan is always watching over you. My sweet friends, you are always in my thoughts and in my heart. May G-d always bless and comfort you.

    Some people come into our lives and quickly go~
    Some people move our souls to dance.
    They awaken us to new understanding
    with the passing whisper of their wisdom~
    Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
    They stay in one lives for awhile,
    leave footprints on our hearts,
    and we are never,
    ever the same.

  10. Becoming friends with Michele and Alan has been blessing to me. Their warmth and compassion is something I will always cherish. Through them, I have gotten to know Jordan. Through them, I have learned what a wonderful and caring person Joran was. Through them, I have learned how one child can make such a difference in the world. How proud and happy they are when they talk about his life! How proud I am to call them my friends!

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