Letter from Two/Ten Footwear Foundation Scholarship Director, Cathy Nelson

April 2004

I was breathless when I read your letter notifying me of Jordan’s death.  Words seems so inadequate at this time, but I wanted to send you this letter expressing my deepest sympathy and let you know how honored I am to have had the opportunity to be a small part of his life.

Jordan accomplished so much and touched so many lives.  I can only imagine the joy he brought to people that had the privilege to know him as well.  I remember reading his original essay and the brief updates that he would send and they never failed to bring smiles to our faces (his letters always got passed around).

In Jordan’s first essay for us he wrote, “It was Bugs Bunny that caused me to realize that the goodness inside a person is what is important.” Jordan did not just write this, he believed it.  He lived it.  The picture Jordan sent to us of your family and Bugs at Six Flags still hangs on my office wall and continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face who sees it, as well as, a story from me about the wisdom and sincere caring of an 18 year old.

So seldom, is there a person that truly sees value in those less fortunate and sets out on a path to make a difference.  Jordan was one of these stars.

On behalf of everyone here at Two Ten and myself, please accept my deepest sympathies.  Our hearts go out to you.

You are in our thoughts,

Cathy Nelson
Scholarship Director
Two/Ten Footwear Foundation

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