The Warped Tour is coming.
But, no more hearing of funny stories and kicking out the Neo-Nazi’s,
Because my best friend’s not here,
To share his exploits with me.

I would listen to his failures and successes nearly every day,
Never thinking it would all end.
Oh, what fun we had laughing about the slashed bus tires that
Caused his friends to be arrested, but were the wrong culprits.

My one wish would be,
To bring my son back to me,
So we can continue to laugh in the face of danger.
We’d have fun together, and laugh once more.

All that’s left are my memories,
For me to think about.
I will not say goodbye; I’ll see you again.
But, I’ll miss you forever, “My Best Friend.”

Alan Feder
In memory of my son, Jordan, who died at age 23 – 11/26/03

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