Thoughts from Dad…….

There is an old saying that you only get one chance to make a good impression, but that was all Jordan needed. The minute you met him you knew there was something different about him….something extraordinary. You knew the good person he was…the character of his being. What he accomplished in his 23 years is more than most accomplish in a lifetime. Friends found out quickly he never judged them or put them down. He made you feel an equal, even if YOU did not feel the same way. He took your flaws and shortcomings that you would confess and made you realize they could be overcome. He supported you and made you a better person for knowing him.

Jordan – you had your whole life ahead of you and I will never understand why it was your time to go. I guess I will never know what they are until I join you. You touched and positively impacted so many lives while you were here with us and know you are sadly missed by many. Know you will always be in my heart. Most only get to dream of angels – I knew my son was an angel for a LONG time.


January 2006

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