1. I met jordan in high school and was in a gym class, he was a real nice kid and seemed very friendly, glad to have met him, condolences to feders

  2. i took a class with him and played hockey with him in gym class at manalapan high. im very sorry for your loss and condolences to his family. he was kind and caring person

  3. Happy 33rd JF. I can certainly speak for your brother and myself in saying that we miss you buddy.

    Thinking of you and your family today, Nuri…positive vibes to you all.


  4. Jordan,
    thinking about you today and picturing your parents, sitting on the beach, celebrating the wonderful son you always will be.

  5. I still you miss you, Jordan.

    Wish you were here with us today. A little voice told me to go down to Wall St. and see what the noise was about. 🙂


  6. Jordie-

    I miss you my friend. It has somehow been seven years since you were taken from us and I am reminded of you every time I look at pictures from the old high school days. There is one in particular, we had just gotten off the plane in London and you, Chris Buckley, and I shared a taxi to our destination in London. It is just a picture of you taken by me but your smile was huge. I take such great pride in having shared that experience with you. Whether it was both of us climbing the hill behind University of Scotland with Calliopia, or you dressing the bronze statue at the Globe theater with your hat and belongings, we shared such simple teenage experiences.

    I think about how good of a person you were and I strive to be that way everyday. I know that you would have proud to call me your good friend as I am proud to call you mine.


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