1. December 1, 2003

    I just saw Jordan once.. I\’m the daughter of his father\’s friend, Patrick. I spent a Christmas with Jordan… only one night and several emails after… I just wanted to say I\’m sorry, and send all our love and compassion to Michele and Alan from all my family in France.

  2. December 3, 2003

    Even though we had our differences in opinion, which sometimes led to heated debates, I loved ya. You were a great friend and I will miss you forever.

    When I next see you, we\’ll give each other rockin mullets. Rest in peace Feder.

  3. Dec 4, 2003

    I was in Jordan\’s graduating class from Manalapan High School.

    My warmest condolences to his family.

  4. Dec 4, 2003

    I am Ivan\’s sister (I recently ran into you on the express bus).

    I just heard the awful news about your son\’s passing, and wanted to express my condolences.
    You are in my thoughts.

  5. Dec 6, 2003

    I was a classmate of Jordan\’s. We were in the same homeroom throughout High School. I am so sorry for your loss. Jordan was a very nice guy and will be remembered.

  6. Dec 6, 2003

    Jordan was my RA and friend at Towson University for two years. He helped me out whenever he could and made me laugh. We spent many late nights working on projects and watching movies together.

    Jordan strongly believed in many things yet he never looked down on me when I had a difference of opinion. I am glad for the opportunity to have been friends with him.

    I am also glad to have been a part of this site because I was unaware of his passing until after the funeral.

  7. Dec 8, 2003

    Well, I knew Jordan from a younger age than he or I remembered (day camp), but our friendship really blossomed when we were RA\’s together in TB.

    Jordan always made me laugh and I always admired his creativity and his motivation for what he believed in. I was so sad to hear about him, but he will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. Some of my fondest memories are when we were simply moving a futon between towers and just being on duty together… I\’ll miss you Jordan.

  8. Dec 9, 2003

    I cannot believe that we will never have those lovely chats online anymore. We didn\’t see each other much at all, but I always felt I can catch him online. Goodbye my online friend.

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